June 18, 2024
Radio Show with Matthew Johnson


About The Host

As owner and president of Johnson Wealth & Income Management, a third-generation company, I am proud to carry on a 70-year family tradition of serving and educating clients and the community at large. Although I’ve been a financial advisor for over 20 years, I prefer to think of myself as a financial educator. As a fiduciary, I focus on teaching people how to avoid common investment mistakes and how to achieve reliable income throughout their retirement with minimal risk. The generation that is nearing retirement has been taught how to work for money all their lives, but not how to make their money work for them.  Understanding and applying the wisdom of past generations, such as how to hold on to your principal and use it to create interest and dividend income, can help you make that all-important transition from the accumulation phase of your life to the distribution phase of your life. 

The conservative financial strategies in which I specialize are designed to provide exactly that! It all starts with understanding your options and understanding what your principal is capable of, which is why I feel investor education is so important. They say knowledge is power, but it’s not; it’s potential power. We don’t sell products; rather, we help you understand what you can do with what you’ve saved for retirement and turn it into the most powerful tool you have in retirement…income!


In addition to my work with clients, I regularly host public workshops and adult education courses on timely financial topics. Not only do I feel these workshops are important, but I also enjoy doing them and am happy to be able to give back to a community I’ve been a part of my entire life.  I was born in Rolfe, raised in Humboldt and today live just outside of Hardy with my wife, Sarah, and our four wonderful children, Naomi, Lydia, Jacob, and Solomon.

I believe everyone has the right to an enjoyable, financially secure retirement.